The area in and around Sorana is rich in traces of the past, from prehistoric caves to Etruscan necropolis or burial grounds, and then on to medieval and Renaissance towns and monuments. It is this overwhelming presence of the past which characterizes the area and makes it so fascinating to visitors.

Artificial grottoes can be found in and around Sorana which, in ancient times, were used as rocky dwellings or to preserve funeral urns (the famous 'colombari' urns). Here, tuff has been moulded for every possible purpose, from the Etruscan 'cave roads' to the cellars that every wine grower digs out with his pick axe in order to preserve his wine (you frequently can find them 50 metres deep!) to the numerous friezes, decorations and coats-of-arms over front doors and to the architectural details in the most surprising places, and to the most important works such as the imposing fortresses at Sorana and Pitigliano. Or to squared-off mountains, as if they were sandcastles(the so-called Masso Leopoldino around which Sorana clings to).

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