Pitigliano creates an unforgettable and picturesque impression if you look at it from the church of the Madonna delle Grazie, dedicated as a votive offering for the 1527 plague, and with the sun setting in the background. It is rather like Orvieto, but more ancient and more intimately moulded into nature due to the vegetation that climbs around it and the greyish rocks with their cuts, perpendicular to the road; a place of shadows and falling light, if not actually against the sky but rather into corners and squares whose human sense is to be felt in the broken lines that break up the roofs, the castle and the lilied tower (in the Florentine fashion).

Here, you can breathe the air of past civilizations and cultures, changing in the unforeseeable logic of time:the prehistoric one with Rinaldone eneolithic findings; the Etruscan period based around the city of Vulci especially in its archaic and orientalized phases, and with some Greek objects; the Roman era which unified the people into one common order; the Middle Ages with the Aldobrandeschi family, the greatest dynasty of Central Italy and who were the lords of Maremma for about 500 years; the Renaissance grandeur of the Orsini family, uselessly attacked by Pope Alessandro VI and his son Valentino looking for revenge and, after a brief Siena period, the Medicis and their heirs, the Lorraine family. For about 3500 years!

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