Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is a promontory which stretches out into the Tyrrhenian sea in correspondence with the most southern islands of the Tuscan
archipelago:the Isle of Giglio and the Isle of Giannutri. Even the Argentario began as an island but over the centuries, the combined action of the sea currents and the River Albenga created two isthmus, the Tombolo di Giannella and the Tombolo della Feniglia, thereby joining the island to the mainland, forming at the same time the Orbetello Lagoon.

Monte Argentario's highest point is at the Punta Telegrafico (635 metres) and it is characterized by an area which is totally mountainous but which has been softened by the work of man who, over the years, has created terraces cultivated mainly with vineyards. The very jagged and indented coastline is made up of bays and creeks, mainly stony, and which are of an incredible beauty from a naturalistic point of view. In this lovely context, the two small, sea towns of Monte Argentario are to be found, to the north, Porto S. Stefano where the Town Hall stands, while the smaller Porto Ercole stands slightly to the south.

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