The Isle Of Giglio

THE JEWEL OF THE TUSCAN ARCHIPELAGO. Its surrounding coastline is 27 km long and is mainly rocky, apart from in a few places where the beach of Campese and a few other small beaches open out, on the eastern side of the island (Arenella, Cannelle and Caldane). Giglio Porto is on the eastern side, too, and is the landing for boats and ferries coming from Porto Santo Stefano and Talamone. A one-day cruise to Giglio is a must for all our guests who wish to have an unforgettable holiday in the Maremma area.

The village, originally made up of fishermen and their families, wraps around the harbour and is characterized by its promenade and for its lanes that all wind into the picturesque Piazza della Dogana, considered to be the elegant centre of the island, with its restaurants on wooden stilts and shops of local arts and
crafts. Keen deep sea divers come here as it is known as being one of their favourite places in Italy.

It is also known for not such expert divers and also for its extremely beautiful violescent sea-whips, visible at a depth of more than 35 metres, accompanied by a rich marine fauna with some very rare examples, such as the starfish, also known as basket stars.

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