You can discover natural and wild sceneries of extreme charm in the Canadian canoes, lulled by the river Ombrone.
To explore the park by a canoe is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the area and relax, enjoying close contact with nature that explodes all around in lush colors and shapes. Majestic trees, including poplars, alders, willows and elms, lining the banks while their branches tend to the waters of the river, birds, such as cormorants, night herons and other species, jump from branch to branch and chirping away. The visit by canoe is a nice way to spend a day of discovery and adventure with your family and friends, a quiet and safe way to appreciate the wonders of nature.
The Canadian canoes, made available for such visits, are in fact stabilized anti-tip canoes, catamaran type, and unsinkable, suitable for every adventure.

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